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For the French team, group and ensure that the top promotion, there exists only a theoretical risk. The final round and the Ecuador game, some players will be a rare opportunity. War of 5 to 2 victory over Switzerland, Didier Deschamps declared, air jordans and the battle of Ecuador at least two adjustment. From the pre game tactical drills to speculate, will also have more players debut, perhaps will reach more than 5 people.

This arrangement, for an ambitious team not what accident. Didier Deschamps wants some players get the chance, and discusses some possible. Of course, there are changes in individual position is involuntarily. Take the biggest change after the defense, this is the most reluctant to change Deschamps position, especially the combination of Zhongwei Valane and Nicolas, jordan they too need more time to adjust. However, after the Switzerland game, Real Madrid Zhongwei diarrhea due to serious impact on the training, the state dropped sharply, then, Coase scerni go into battle is logical.

As for the two wingers, Derby and and Evra Deschamps in the plan for a hand, so cheap jordans they have more energy in the next round of the competition, on the other hand, but also to Sarnia and had a month to be conscientious and do one’s best efforts to train the compensation.

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Local time in Brazil in June 24th, Messi spent his 27 birthday, he is also the first time through Tencent micro-blog expressed thanks to the fans.
Beijing time yesterday, was Messi’s 27 birthday, jordan retro fans around the world have adopted various means, to express his wishes to the Barcelona superstar, hope Messi can make persistent efforts in the world cup and the future occupation career, fight back, a great God cup for Argentina.

After receiving the blessing, Messi in the Tencent micro-blog continuous update three article content, expressed his gratitude, he first expressed in Tencent micro-blog: “thank you very much for I send birthday wishes.” Then, air jordans he added: “my best birthday gift this year, is to win the world cup, but we will step by step, take it easy, because we have to win the game tomorrow, won the group first.”

Finally, he put on a piece of printed with his Argentina No. 10 Jersey and the blessing words cake pictures, and accompanied by a ‘Muchas Gracias a todos’, meaning to appreciate all the people, jordan to all the support he loved his people, to express their deep gratitude to the most, with the most perfect performance feedback the support of the fans.

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9 years ago the world youth championship, Mikel and Messi each team is in the final star, jordan outlet with Messi in the final of the 2 ball 2-1 win over Mikel Nigeria won the championship; 9 years later, Mikel and Messi during the World Cup group stage meeting, Mikel and Messi have become the absolute core, their team in the match, and will wipe out the spark of how?

Sabella (Argentina coach): “when the opponent has too many defensive players, jordan retro you want to beat them is not always easy. We like to play offensive football, it is more suitable for us.”

Casey (Nigeria coach): “we can beat Argentina, air jordans our goal is to group the first. Win Bosnia Herzegovina let us confidence levels, we can look forward to another victory, we will take the game to play as a final.”

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The Argentina with Messi dependence? Although Argentina, Aguero, Messi, with Gonzalo Higuain Di Maria, attacking talent, but the first two games, Messi scored only. cheap jordan shoes Argentina luxury line of attack, can completely broke in the match in Nigeria?

Argentina insists the 433 lineup. The first battle of the Bosnian 532 lineup fail, let Sabella firm determination to fight 433. The match against Nigeria, jordan outlet Mr Bella will continue to discharge a 433 storm array, because there is a yellow cards in the body, left back Rojo could be out of action. Other personnel should not have big changes.

Nigeria team in the training is very mysterious, with a blue tarp to cover the stadium entrance to prevent the tactics is the leak, jordan retro is reported that Mose will be in the game for the ebarton de or Moussa played. Argentina has focused on training of attack, attack before the 2 war they criticized.

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Messi 27 years old birthday gift? June 24th is Messi 27 years old birthday, fleas are most wanted for his birthday, is defeated Nigeria to finish top of their group. The first 2 group matches have the goal, cheap jordans for sale to celebrate the night on her birthday, Messi is hoping to continue the goals. The last 7 appearances for Argentina, Messi has scored 8 goals.

Nigeria pan record: since 1998 in France in the world cup, Nigeria have never from the group match line. Now they are only 1 points away from the line, as long as the line on Argentina points they can. If the lost to Argentina, cheap jordan shoes want to see Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina results, if Iran win over Bosnia Herzegovina, line is likely to Iran.

Nigeria has gone 221 minutes without conceding: Nigeria may be the goal are not many, but they defended really well, jordan outlet in the world cup, they have continuously for 221 minutes without conceding a goal. But with the Bosnian game, also got nearly 10 World Cup victory, morale.

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Argentina draw with lock group: the group match 2 War 2 wins 6 points, jordans for sale has to qualify from the group, the final battle against Nigeria, Argentina can only draw with rivals, can lock the group first, so as to avoid the group E first france. Prior to the Argentina in the world cup and the Nigeria 3 games, all win.

Nigeria draw line: Argentina need a draw to the first, Nigeria also need a draw to outlet. The 2 Nigeria war after 1 wins 1 flat 4 points, as long as in Argentina who got 1 points would certainly qualify. If victory over Argentina will be in the first group identity promotion. Taking into account the top of group E in the world cup, cheap jordans for sale a very good state of the French team, Nigeria may be in the game, fight a victory, but never in the world cup, Nigeria defeated South American teams.

Argentina Nigeria Reunion: in fact, the two teams in the competition many times before meeting, the 1996 Olympic final, Nigeria beat Argentina 3-2 to win the gold medal; 2005 World Youth Championship final, Argentina beat Nigeria 2-1 to win, cheap jordan shoes open two degrees, and finally Messi was crowned in that year’s Golden Globes, Mikel Silver Award; 2008 Beijing Olympic Games the final two teams meet again, the Argentina 1-0 to win Nigeria, won the gold medal, Di Maria scored the only goal of the game.

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Want you to the ranks of the top fashion, will be out in front facing the mirror repeatedly debugging trousers rolled edge experience. Facing the network volume trousers dress guide, jordan looked at global popular fashion bloggers dressing demonstration, but how also not to imitate the essence. Look at this season’s menswear show you can feel a sense of relief, nine minutes of pants is now hang trendspot. Can use the good times had tangled depend on a bed, because of the world cup’s first person.
Nine minutes of pants length design, ankle decoration particularly conspicuous. Jacquard embroidery cheap jordans is provided with feminine full, but because the other is neutralized and sturdy.
Suit style, this season suit is not in the narrow body styles, the profile of loose gradually regression line of sight. Echoing with jordans for sale the nine points pants is flat sandals, a leisure and fresh feeling oncoming.

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Brazil time June 17 afternoon, the Dutch coach Louis van Gaal said in an interview, against Spain, he can only use 532 formation, but tomorrow against the Australian team, he can choose a formation at 433 or 532.

After 5 to 1 victory over the Spanish team, Van Gaal believes that despite the team’s evaluation of the outside world is very high, but on his terms of feedback from the team, cheap jordans the players are well aware of just win a game, we all very clearly the importance of the Australian team tomorrow against the game. “We just won a game, we have not qualified to talk about more, I think our attitude is good at least for now.” But when it comes to formation, but Van Gaal said confidently, against Australia, he can try 433, “we are free to transform 433 or 532 two formation, but the game against Spain, we can not do that.” He said, because tomorrow the game is very important, and he can not say much yet.

Meanwhile, talking to the Australian team when Van Gaal believes that in case they lose the game, tomorrow will certainly be to attack, fight to score points, so that jordans for sale tomorrow’s game should be showing a wonderful exchange war.

Moreover, in today’s final training, Van Gaal long time sitting on the bench. Cheap jordans for sale said he did not like Bella Rio stadium bench because sunken sitting on the bench, the situation is not easy to see the field. “I usually have the habit of sitting on the bench, unlike some coaches like to stand on the sidelines directing addition, there is a bench in front of the broadcast machine, easy to block my view ……”

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